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What's New: Native Mobile Programmatic

eBay Advertising recently rolled out its Native Mobile Programmatic solutions, making eBay one of just a handful of publishers who can deliver deterministic cross-device targeting in real time. Our new ad specs are widely accepted and allow for easy execution and our tailored packages can help you reach any marketing objective. Whether you're looking to drive awareness, increase engagement or maximize sales, eBay Advertising has the solution for you.

Our packages can meet nearly any viewability requirement. How? Our in-app mobile ads are only served when in-view. That's just one way eBay Advertising's Native Mobile Programmatic solutions give brands a revolutionary new way to seamlessly integrate into the eBay user experience and deliver their message to the right person, at the right time.

A leading CPG brand leveraged eBay's first-party data to reach its ideal audience, resulting in a new in-target benchmark for the brand.1

Real people, real scale, and it's all in real time.

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Audience Targeting

Treasure hunters, small businesses, connected millennials and global brands—together they create the vibrant community that is eBay. With today's connected consumer seamlessly shopping across difference devices and multiple locations, we're committed to finding innovative ways to reach consumers wherever their day takes them, engaging them on the move, at home, at work or at play. Since so many eBay users have a single, universal login, we can track their logged-in shopping and buying behavior regardless of the device they're using.

This in-depth understanding of our users' interest and intent translates into actionable insights for your brand. Combining that level of insight, with the power of 162 million active buyers worldwide can help you reach the audiences you want at the scale you need.2 In fact, we have over 60 pre-defined audience segments. If you don't see one you like, we can help you build a custom segment.

    "... our marketplace has never been larger, never had more choice for consumers around the world, and never been more vibrant than today."Devin Wenig, President & CEO, eBay.

    Real people, real scale, and it's all in real time.

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    Environment & Context

    As one of the world's most vibrant marketplaces, eBay offers brands a premium, "well-lit," multi-screen environment. For eBay, it's all about the convergence of utility and engagement—giving consumers what they want, and making it instantly shoppable so they're inspired to come back time and time again.

    Advertising is an integral part of the eBay experience, and because we understand how people shop and navigate our site, we can deliver packages designed to help meet nearly any viewability requirement. In fact, a recent study conducted by Moat found that eBay's average viewability score for premium ad placements is greater than 85%.3

      Our product innovations have earned us top billing as one of the digital "Big Five."MediaPost.

      Real people, real scale, and it's all in real time.

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      Products & Solutions

      To activate your brand on eBay, take advantage of our high-impact, cross-device placements, programmatic buying programs and targeted solutions to influence shoppers at unprecedented scale in one safe, "well-lit" environment.

      And because of our in-depth customer insights and firsthand knowledge about how people shop our site, we can package up premium inventory with high viewability scores. By leveraging our audience segments, we can even help minimize unwanted inventory.

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