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Up For Bid: Action Comics No.1

Up For Bid: Action Comics No.1

Who will be the next to own the most valuable comic of all time?

Who will be the next to own the most valuable comic of all time?

Tune in now Action Comics No. 1 June 1938: Superman's Historic Debut
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About the Comic
  • Issued in 1938, this rare comic features
    the first appearance of Superman and Lois Lane. At the time of its debut, the issue cost 10 cents.
  • . . . It's the only comic to have sold for more than $2 million for a single original copy . . .
  • . . . Reportedly, only 50 to 100 original copies still exist. Other than a CGC graded 2.5, this is the only known copy with "perfect white" pages.

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Origin Story: Darren Adams

How did Darren Adams, owner of Pristine Comics, get his hands on Action Comics No. 1 and what makes it one of the most valuable comic books on the planet?

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Action Comics No. 1 sparked the Golden Age of Comic Books

  • Action Comics No. 11 1939 Action Comics No. 11 Fourth time's a charm—this issue marks only the fourth cover of the series to show Superman's name. US $10,000.00 View item
  • Superman No. 3 1940 Superman No. 3 This cover features a classic Superman pose and is a favorite among many true enthusiasts. The Man of Steel is 6' 3" and weighs 235 lbs. US $10,000.00 View item
  • Superman No.13 1941 Superman No. 13 Legendary villain Lex Luthor makes an appearance in this 73-year-old comic book. US $10,000.00 View item
  • Superman No. 27 1944 Superman No. 27 Lois and Superman made their first joint Superman Comics cover appearance in this highly coveted classic. Lois Lane and Clark Kent both work for The Daily Planet and were finally married in 1997. US $10,000.00 View item
  • Action Comics No. 373 1968 Action Comics No. 373 Supergirl was created to be a female counterpart to Superman. She first debuted in the Action Comics comic book series. US $10,000.00 View item
  • Amazing Spider-Man No. 306 1988 Amazing Spider-Man No. 306 The cover of Action Comics No. 1 has been frequently homaged, meaning other comic book artists have intentionally designed covers inspired by it. This particular homage is signed by Stan Lee. US $10,000.00 View item
  • Spawn No. 228 2013 Spawn No. 228 Yet another homage to the iconic Action Comics No. 1 cover, signed by Stan Lee. US $10,000.00 View item

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*1 percent of proceeds will benefit the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.